"Our Vision and Mission is to help people overcome their problems
with help of positive energy present in their houses, places, rather than spending money on extra Vastu Items."

Vastu related Analysis for Government Offices

If offices are not made according to Vastu principles, there will be no balance of energies thus less efficiency of the employees, inability to do work; owner may not manage the staff and thus failure in completing project works.

Many Government offices face issues like:

  1. Low speed of work
  2. Recovery issues from public sectors
  3. Corruption issues
  4. Managements problems
  5. Political Pressures
  6. Negative publicity
  7. Technical improvements & maintenance issues
  8. Delayed completion of projects
  9. Sanctions of proposals from higher authorities
  10. Promotions , opportunities of Government employees
  11. Natural Calamities
  12. Media handling issues
  13. Relationship issues with representatives of foreign countries

Any improper orientation and construction of temple or shrine could bring mishaps with adverse effects for the entire family, trusties, town & entire society of that town. Vastu provides some prominent features that must be considered while constructing a temple.