"Our Vision and Mission is to help people overcome their problems
with help of positive energy present in their houses, places, rather than spending money on extra Vastu Items."

About us

Vastu Predictions Pvt.Ltd., along with Messrs ‘Raj Planners’ was established in 1968 by late Mr. H. P. Gangwal and was re established by Mr. Mohit Gangwal in year 2000. He started the research in “Vastu Shastra” with history of ‘Cancer Patients’ in his own family. After a lot of meetings with such patients, their families and visiting their houses he came to know many surprising conclusions and shocking similarities. This inspirations lead him to search more deeply and about 15 + years of working experience made him a specialist in helping people solving their legal, financial issues with help of his scientific consultancy.

His Vastu and Architectural practice provides wide range of services to help building owners and user gain a better understanding of environment and Vastu factors that will impact building operations and performance right within the design and Vastu consultancy phase.

Working with vastu analysis:

To mitigate a building impact on the owner and the user, it is important to first understand how the environment , presence of energy levels, it's positive and negative areas etc, will impact the building owners and users.

I begin my design and Vastu treatment process establishing a basis of design, documenting site conditions, climate, presence of energy levels etc. this holistic approach has helped my Vastu predictions and architectural process from very earlier stage.

While predicting and treatments of building as per Vastu, I combine a wide array of analysis, investigations, including shadows, shading, solar, lightning, thermal, ventilation, date of starting construction, owners date of birth, changes and alterations made, shape of building etc, that helps us predict and analyze present and past conditions of the owner and user.

This feedback and analysis enables me communicate complex concepts and extensive datasets more effectively and help building owners and users quickly engage with multifaceted performance issues.