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One might wonder of why such a long discussion on Vastu Shastra!!!!

Sometimes we see that disasters strike some unlucky people over and over again. We fail to understand as to why those people are singled out and treated like this by the almighty. Many of us who believe in God are astonished to see this punishment imposed upon them. There are many who believe in Karma and attribute all this to their sins and evil acts committed in the previous birth. There are some atheists who console themselves by saying that it is simply bad luck. These theories neither offer any solace to the sufferers nor do they reduce the intensity of the situation. The person who meets with this ‘unfair treatments’ continues to feel helpless. The discussion is directed towards this objective. Vastu is not a superstition as is the general belief. A vast amount of confusion is prevailing in the society as far as Vastu Shastra is concerned. This ‘misunderstanding is rampant even amongst the educated.

Vastu Shastra is fundamentally a science that deals with ‘life here’ and not ‘life here after’. It aims at imparting knowledge about ensuring happiness, leading a happy life and surpassing the factor of insecurity or uncertainty and about the unpleasant and unexpected encounters in life. Vastu Shastra has no relevance to someone who is looking for something beyond which nothing is possible.The five elements that constitute the human body viz, Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Akasha or Ether were correctly recognized in the Vedic times.

These five elements are the mainstay of the Vastu Shastra. These forces are considered to be originating from a single source but possessing their own unique characteristics. They are within us and we are surrounded by them. It is believed that human body is born out of them and it grows with their support. It lives with them and merges with them finally. These forces treat and affect every human being without being partial irrespective of their caste creed and religion.

The science of Vastu is a combination of different methods and techniques to utilize these forces to their optimum level to fulfill all human desires, achieve all aims, aspirations and objectives. Vastu Shastra is perhaps India’s greatest contribution to the world humanity and it will always be recognized as a science unsurpassed by any scientific discovery of all times.

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